Evolutionary Biology

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          One and one make three.

         It's time for a cup of tea

               Arctocephale !                                                                            Lopes et al. (2023) Sci Advances


           Ride the hyperspace

         and sense the isolation

            Dimensions of joy!                                                                              Bolnick et al. (2023) Evolution



           One, two, M H C.

        Duplicate complexity

      shielding from decease.                                                                 Westerdahl et al. (2022) Mol Ecol Res   


            Toxic little bugs,

 dressed up in female wedding gowns

            breed ferociously.                                                                      Warmuth et al. (2022) Genome Res


         Mix two genomes and

      TEs emerge like flies from sand.

          Cheerful selfish land.                                                                      Tusso et al. (2022) Genome Res



        Zone of tension. Fog.

           Algorithm fantasy

        makes glaciers shiver.                                                                          Metzler et al. (2021) Evolution

             Microscopic life

     adapts to heaven and hell.

         Exchanging angels.                                                    Tusso, Nieuwenhuis et al. (2020) Nat Ecol Evol


           gene tree by gene tree

        by geen tree by gentry by teen

           gear by green tea. Bye!                                                                         Lopes et al. (2021) Syst Biol


           Brothers and sisters.

       Broken glass in stormy seas.

              Incest cabinet.                                                                                      Foote et al. (2021) Mol Ecol



       thrive on inverted soil. Helas,

          and gametes blossom.                                                                          Knief (2021) Royal Open Soc


             Butterflies and stars,

      flowers, bees and grass in concert

           sing while alleles pass.                                                               Schielzeth, Wolf (2021) Am J Botany


            Nets of mitrail

       assemble in the ocean.

              [immakuˈlate]                                                                                 Peart et al. (2021) Mol Ecol Res


        Bill + brain + tool = corvid?

    Bill + brain + tool + the right alleles =

         Cool tool-using corvid.                                             Dussex, Kutschera, Wiberg et al. (2021) Mol Ecol


      top                           2020 

                Blueprint in uproar.

       Genes jump and polymeres tilt.

               Coal turns into ash.                                    Weissensteiner et al. (2020) Nature Communications

             Choose your mate wisely,

         says the black crow to the grey.

                Croaks, and flies away.                                                                 Knief et al. (2020) J Evol Biol



            How do we estimate you?

              What can you teach us?                                        Peñalba, Wolf (2020) Nature Reviews Genetics

                 The feather-footed.

                Eternal coalescence

                on water and land.


                 Uppsala, Munich

         Where sea lions do not roam

              Their story was told


            Draw from the old tales,

             of the feather-footed,

         the features of their path,

        the wise clues for their future.                                       Peart et al. (2020) Nature Ecology and Evolution

 op                         2019

                            ω α

           are time sensitive creatures.

               So the crows teach us.                                                               Mugal et al. (2019) Mol Biol Evol            


                In the smallest lands,

            the crows carry a burden.

             Will they still live long ?                                                         Kutschera et al. (2019) Mol Biol Evol


              Unneighbourly crowd

           for a common cruel crow

                 Collective killing                                                                    Holtmann et al. (2019), Sci Reports


                Does species richness

               bear on gene diversity?

                We ask the meadow.                                            Eisenhauer et al. (2019) Res Ideas Outcomes


                    our sequence is fixed

           yet with the seasons we change

                we ask: meth to blame?                                  DfG grant WO1426/4-1 on Evolutionary Epigenetics